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If Michael Bloomberg and Dick Durbin have their way, adults who need flavored vaping products will start smoking cigarettes again. The media have dismissed these Americans as “Astroturf” and “bots” and “Big Vape Lobbyists.” The video and statements from these hard-working parents and grandparents is below:

“If you remove flavored vaping products, you are sentencing all those smokers, all those parents back to cigarettes. And their children are gonna have to watch them slowly suffocate and die. So please, I beg you, please do not continue to push this flavor ban. Thank you.”-@jjarvis01

“I’m Michelle Hughes from Verbena, Alabama, 50 years old, mother of 5 grandmother of 2, diagnosed with COPD in 2015. (I) Started vaping cookie custard and bakery flavors. I kicked the habit and saved my life. We vape, we vote.”-@MichelleHughes_

“Flavored nicotine vaping products helped me quit smoking. I smoked for 15 years and now I’m smoke free for 5 years thanks to vaping. Flavored nicotine products save lives. I vape and I vote.”-@KimmySmithTHR

“I started vaping strawberry custard. I haven’t touched a cigarette since.”-@MaryAnn78700468

“My name’s Logan. I am 28 years old, smoked for over a decade. The only way I was able to quit was with flavored vaping products. If it wasn’t for the encouragement and support of a brick and mortar shop, I’d probably still be smoking. Not only would I be suffering, but both of my kids and the rest of my family would be suffering as well. I’m very thankful for flavored vaping products and I oppose all of these bans. Thank you.”-@Logan_Exhales

“Hi, my name is Chris. I’m from Oakland California and I was a 20-year smoker. I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 20 years and I was able to beat the habit of smoking with the flavors of vanilla, candy, fruit flavored e-liquids. I have not smoked a cigarette in 3 years. I’ve been vaping for 3 years. Vaping saves lives. I vape, I vote.”-@bigknowledgeESO

“I quit smoking using butterscotch flavored e-cigarettes back in 2009. Please don’t ban flavors, Donald Trump and I’ll continue to support you.”-@Jon_Glauser

“My name is Kim. I’m 39 years old. I smoked for 18 years old. Prior to finding vaping, I tried two pharmaceutical meds. They both made me extremely ill and one was even causing my hair to fall out. I also tried the patches, pharmaceutical inhales, and hypnosis. The only thing that helped me quit and successfully stay of cigarettes for 6 years has been fruity flavored e-liquid.-@SfSubohm

“I’m 36 years old. I was a smoker of combustible tobacco cigarettes for 16 years. 6 years ago, I quit smoking using flavored nicotine products. Without these flavors, not only will my access to these flavors disappear but the 2000 customers at the vape shop I work at will no longer have access either and cigarettes are everywhere.”-@RMPlaiscia

“I smoked for 20 years despite having a dangerous heart condition I knew was being made worse by smoking. I tried everything to quit, but nothing worked until vaping. And since then, I’ve been able to stabilize my health, my heart has improved, and I finally have the possibility of a very long and full life, and seeing my daughter make it to adulthood, and maybe even seeing my grandchildren. So yes, vaping saved my life because without it, I probably wouldn’t even be here today.”-@Red_Phoenyx_