We’re used to legislators proposing all kinds of crazy-tax hikes to make up for their overspending, but at times even we are surprised. And this is one of those times.

Tennessee legislators have proposed a tax on … wait for it … free breakfasts. Yes, that’s right, free breakfasts. As in, they want to impose a special tax on something that is free. How a tax (of up to 9.75%) tax will be imposed on something that is free might seem puzzling to, well, anyone with an ounce of logic, but tax-hikers have decided they will just arbitrarily impose values upon them. 

To make the whole situation even more farcical, "state officials stress that the businesses would be taxed and not the hungry patrons." Right. Because taxes never get passed on do they now? Of course businesses would never recouptheir losses.

In the real world, this will mean less tourism, higher costs for customers, and bad news from the Tennessee economy all right. Let us hope legislators see reason and vote down this farcical proposal.