Rutherford County GOP Chair Lou Ann Zelenik, who is running for congress in Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Cook Political Report classifies the seat as a R+13 on the PVI index, one of many Republican leaning districts currently being held by a Democrat. The incumbent, Bart Gordon, has served since 1985 when he replaced Senator-elect Al Gore. Congressman Gordon has an ATR lifetime rating of 32% and ACU gives him a lifetime rating of 28%… not exactly a “hero to the taxpayers” if you will.
As a pledge signer, Chairwoman Zelenik has made a commitment to the taxpayers in Tennessee that she will fight to ensure that their taxes are not increased. Congressman Gordon is not a pledge-signer, but we here at ATR encourage him and all candidates for Federal office to follow suit and pledge to the taxpayers that they will do their part in fighting on behalf of the interests of those who elect them.

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