Tell Trump to Fire U.S. Surgeon General


In April of this year, the British Royal College of Physicians published a study concluding yet again that vapor products are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Yet, the so-called American “public health” community continues to ignore the growing body of evidence suggesting the products could save millions of smokers’ lives, billions of tax dollars, and represent the greatest advancement in public health in generations. 

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, America’s senior public health official, is part of the problem. In the most recent report from his office, he urged a limiting of flavored vapor products, to “save the kids.”Technically, his term doesn’t expire until the end of 2018. With President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” however, we’re calling on Trump to deliver a simple message to Dr. Murthy: You’re Fired! 

Sign our petition, which will be delivered to the president’s office, asking President Trump to fire the Surgeon General and replace him with someone who actually cares about tobacco harm reduction and saving lives.