Over the past two years, President Obama and liberals in Congress have raised federal taxes by a whopping $350 billion, hurting the economy and killing jobs.

Now, the New Hampshire Senate has an opportunity to pass a pro-growth tax cut that will help the state’s small business community create jobs. HB 156 would scale back the latest tobacco tax hike, continuing New Hampshire’s tradition of attracting consumers from its high tax neighbors. New Hampshire needs this true stimulus to help get the economy back on track.

You can send a message to the State Senate by signing ATR’s petition to pass HB 156, a sensible tax cut for New Hampshire.

Dear Senator,

After $350 billion in tax increases courtesy of Washington, D.C., New Hampshire’s economy needs a break. I urge you to vote YES on HB 156, which would cut tobacco taxes and allow small businesses to do what they do best – create jobs and grow the state’s economy.

Your constituents sent a resounding message last November. We want principled spending cuts and a pro-growth tax structure. Over the past five years the Legislature has increased tobacco taxes an absurd 242 percent. HB 156 is a long-overdue reversal of that trend.

Tobacco taxes hit New Hampshire’s small business community. Tobacco constitutes one-third of convenience store sales nationally. Constant tobacco tax increases have hampered job creation and economic growth. I urge you to vote YES on HB 156 to get New Hampshire back to its roots – private sector-led economic growth.