Tell Monroe County Legislators: NO Government Takeover of Our Utilities!

UPDATE: The Monroe County Legislature voted down this reckless study proposal 16 – 13.

Far left activists are pushing Monroe County legislators to have the government run your utilities.

The results of a government takeover of the grid would be higher costs, more debt for taxpayers, less accountability, and more control over your life for politicians, all at a time of high inflation.  

The full County Legislature will vote on April 9 to decide the fate of dangerous, costly legislation that would “study” a government takeover of Rochester Gas & Electric.

Contact your County Legislator now and tell them: NO Government Takeover of Our Utilities!

This study would cost $1 million in taxpayer money. It is simply a thinly-veiled way to start the process of municipalizing the utility. Meanwhile, the cost of the government buying the utility is unclear, but the county may not even have the funds to do so, meaning debt would be taken on, and taxpayers would fund it all.

Advocates of the bill want the government to run the utility regardless of the cost or consequences for residents and businesses. Why? Because they want to make it easier to exercise radical climate policies

Government-run utilities have a history of failures and downsides, Monroe County does not need a study to know having the government manage utilities is a terrible idea.

A Government Takeover of Utilities Will Cost More for Less Accountability:

  • Unaffordable: The County will spend $1 million on a phony study, and still have to come up with an untold amount of cash to buy the utility.
    • Massive debt would likely be taken on and passed on to taxpayers.
    • Government-run utilities, such as Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power, have proven to cost significantly more than private companies. 
  • Unaccountable: The government and the officials who pushed this plan would be policing themselves, with little incentive to be tough and protect consumers.
    • Political agendas, like radical environmental policies, would be prioritized instead of providing good service.
    • The Public Service Commission is already investigating billing issues some customers have flagged.
  • Even the electrician unions oppose the municipalization study.  

The Vote on April 9 is rapidly approaching. Contact your County Legislator now and tell them: NO Government Takeover of Our Utilities!