This Sunday, the U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on a budget reconciliation bill. The contents of that bill, while extremely damaging to the economy and American families, are secondary in importance to the rule which will precede consideration of the bill itself

The procedural rule will “deem as passed” the Senate healthcare bill which passed that chamber in December. This is the same bill which contains the “Cornhusker Kickback,” “Gator-Aid,” “Louisiana Purchase,” and all the other shady backroom deals. It contains 19 tax hikes totaling $500 billion including a tax on prosthetic limbs and pacemakers! The bill is loaded with phony and unrealistic gimmicks which hide the real cost from taxpayers.
The passage of the “Slaughter Solution” rule will directly result in sending the Senate “Christmas Eve” healthcare bill to the President’s desk for his signature. If the rule passes, government-run healthcare becomes law.
A vote for the rule is a vote to directly and permanently enact government-run healthcare into law. Take action now and sign the “Let Your Voices Be Heard.”
Dear Representative:
This Sunday, you will be faced with a choice: vote with the Democrats and government-run health care or with the American people against this health care bill.
I strongly urge you to vote against this budget reconciliation bill and the procedural rule and urge the other members of Congress to start over on health care reform.
The Senate health care bill contains a number of backroom deals and 19 tax hikes totaling $500 billion. This bill will severely damage the economy and make it harder for American families to get health care.
Again, I urge you to vote against the budget reconciliation and the procedural rule this weekend.
Thank you,