Six days. That’s how much longer Congress and the President have until the United States hits its borrowing limit and must raise the debt limit. So, what is the President’s plan to avoid a default and rein in Washington’s addiction to overspending? He doesn’t have one. What he has told us though is that we must raise taxes.

President Obama hit the airwaves on Monday evening to tell the American people that on the brink of default, tax hikes are what’s best. Americans for Tax Reform could not disagree more because Washington, D.C. has an overspending problem, and NOT an under-taxing problem. Congress and the President must focus on spending, and spending alone.

Since President Obama took office, spending has increased by $1 trillion. We must take away the blank check to spend us into oblivion. American households understand the need to balance their budgets and it’s time that Washington be taught the same lesson. 

We are asking for your support today! Sign our petition asking Republican leaders in Congress to keep their promise to the American people to not raise taxes by opposing tax hikes and significantly cutting spending today.

I, ______________________, urge your support in curbing Washington’s addiction to overspending. Join me by taking tax hikes off of the table. All attempts at a compromise that raises taxes is both irresponsible and unnecessary. You were elected last year to wage this fight and I urge you to have the courage to rein in spending without raising our taxes. Don’t give in to big spenders who insist on the status quo.