On Tuesday, Virginians went to the polls to vote for who they would send to Richmond. Twenty-two candidates who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge won in their respective offices. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a written commitment to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.” To see a list of those who made this commitment to the taxpayers and won on November 3, see below:                                                                   

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
Ken Cuccinelli          (Attorney General)
David B. Albo            (District 42)
Robert Bell                (District 58)
Kathy Byron               (District 22)
Bill H. Cleaveland    (District 17)
Ben Cline                   (District 24)
Mark Cole                   (District 88)
Barbara Comstock   (District 34)
M. Kirk Cox                  (District 66)
Thomas Gear             (District 91)
C. Todd Gilbert           (District 15)
Timothy Hugo             (District 40)
Bill Janis                      (District 56)
Steven Landes           (District 25)
Scott Lingamfelter      (District 31)
Robert Marshall          (District 13)
Harvey Morgan            (District 98)
Samuel Nixon             (District 27)
Chris Peace                 (District 97)
R. Lee Ware, Jr.           (District 65)
Thomas C. Wright, Jr. (District 61)


“On November 3, Virginians voted for twenty-two candidates who had committed themselves to voting against and opposing any and all tax increases,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Americans are desperately searching for candidates and politicians that will protect their livelihoods and put their wallets ahead of government coffers. As Washington seeks to levy billions in new taxes and fees on Virginians, I applaud these Pledge signers for making clear that tax hikes will not come out of Richmond on their watch.”

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