Americans for Tax Reform lauds President\’s decision to continue Snow\’s tenure at Treasury

WASHINGTON-Citing the success of Bush\’s economic agenda and its champion, Treasury Secretary John Snow, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) praised the Bush administration today for asking Snow to continue on in the second term.

"Secretary John Snow is a great advocate for the taxpayer, and his work isn\’t finished yet," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. "We\’re delighted he\’s staying on. It is another dark day for the liberal special-interest parasites that hope to continue feeding on American taxpayers," he said.

President Bush asked the Treasury Secretary to stay on today, and Snow agreed, ending weeks of speculation about a key member of Bush\’s economic team for the next term. The administration is carefully assembling a team that will help the President achieve two of his most important domestic priorities for the next term-strengthening Social Security and reforming an egregious tax regime that punishes investment and savings.

"Secretary Snow is a champion of tax relief. We\’re going to keep getting our annual tax cut. And Secretary Snow is a proud proponent of Social Security reform. This is one of the strongest signals yet that President Bush aims to make good on his promise to allow younger workers to invest a portion of their own Social Security payroll taxes," Norquist added.

The taxpayers\’ group also noted that Secretary Snow\’s return is good for investors. According the American Shareholders Association, shareholder wealth has increased by more than $562 billion since election day as the market continues to process news of the continuance of Bush\’s sound fiscal policies.