Requires 2/3rds vote to pass tax increase

WASHINGTON–  On Wednesday April 13, a majority of House members voted in favor of the Tax Limitation Amendment, which provides that a 2/3rds majority be required for Congress to pass a tax increase.
The TLA received 234 "yea" votes and 192 "nay" votes.  204 Republicans and 29 Democrats voted for the bill while 14 Republicans and 177 Democrats voted against it.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a leading proponent of the TLA legislation, issued the following statement:
"Americans for Tax Reform thanks those in Congress who had the courage to vote in favor of the Tax Limitation Amendment.
"In particular, we want to thank Rep. Pete Sessions, who led the way this year on the TLA legislation, Rep. Joe Barton, who was the standard-bearer for TLA in previous years, and the Republican leadership in the House for ensuring a vote on TLA took place.
"TLA is a vital protection for taxpayers against future tax increases.  A simple majority vote to raise taxes is an invitation for politicians to do what they are too often prone to do: raise taxes.  Four of the last five major tax increases passed Congress by less than a two-thirds supermajority.
"It is important to note that Americans for Tax Reform will double rate the vote on the Tax Limitation Amendment in our annual Congressional ratings because we feel that this legislation is of the utmost importance."