EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Last night, New Jersey taxpayers heard many encouraging words from the winner of the Republican primary race for governor, Bret Schundler.  In his acceptance speech, Bret Schundler emphasized the importance of cutting taxes above and beyond the expansion of state government.

After winning the primary election against Bob Franks, also a Pledge-signer, Schundler identified his position on taxes in no uncertain terms: "We have a moral responsibility to get taxes down," Schundler said.  "It is possible to help our taxpayers and help our children at the same time."

On April 14, 2001, Candidate Bret Schundler signed Americans for Tax Reform\’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  In so doing, Schundler promised to New Jersey taxpayers that he would "oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes" if elected Governor.

Schundler will face the Democratic nominee Jim McGreevey in the months to come before the November general election.  McGreevey has not signed ATR\’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  The Star-Ledger of New Jersey described "distinctions between Schundler and McGreevey on . fundamental questions of tax policy and education spending" as "stark" (June 27, 2001).  New Jersey residents may expect an ideological debate on the issue of tax reform in the months to come before the general election.

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, made the following statement: "Bret Schundler worked hard to address the concerns of New Jersey taxpayers in his campaign for the primary nomination.  Clearly, taxpayers from many different walks of life agree that Bret Schundler will fight wasteful spending and protect their hard-earned wages from encroaching state government."

Schundler won 57% of the vote against Franks, who won 43%.  Schundler won the Mayor of Jersey City seat three times, a city where only 6% of voters are registered Republicans and 69% are registered Democrats.  In his last Mayoral election, Schundler won 45% of the African American vote and 70% of the Hispanic vote.