Schwarzenegger stands with taxpayers, stays in governor’s mansion

Washington, D.C. – On Election Day in California, voters overwhelmingly reelected Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). His victory over state Treasurer Phil Angelides (D) in a race where the issue of taxes played a major role is a signal to candidates across the country. Voters do not want higher taxes.

Not only did voters reject a candidate that ran on raising taxes, but they also defeated two tax increases on the ballot. Proposition 86, which would have raised the cigarette tax rate to the highest in the nation was rejected by 52.7 percent. Also, a $4 billion tax increase on oil production was rejected by 55.5 percent.

"Even in a state with liberal tendencies like California, taxpayers reject politicians running on raising taxes,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Voters will not stand for tax hikes.”

Schwarzenegger’s commitment to oppose higher taxes is evident in his strong pro-taxpayer statements; “I totally rule it out,” the governor told the Sacramento Bee in July. “I will not raise taxes.” His statements extend beyond the superficial damage of tax increases to the impact on the economy; “The key thing is to work and make sure that we keep our economy stimulated,” Schwarzenegger stated in the same article. “I mean, this is the very thing that has bailed us out so far. If you increase taxes, that would be the worst thing to do.”

"Gov. Schwarzenegger’s victory comes as no surprise,” continued Norquist. “His verbal commitment to taxpayers has gotten through to voters and delivered another term as governor. I urge all elected officials in California, and in other states, to remember this race whenever they get the itch to raise taxes.”