As the August 2nd primary approaches, taxpayers in Tennessee’s 3rd District have good reason to be concerned. In 2013 alone, U.S. earners are scheduled to be hit with over $500 billion in tax increases.  A rate increase of this size would be detrimental to hardworking Americans nationwide.  In a year of such importance to taxpayers, Tennessee’s 3rd District deserves a candidate willing to stand up and firmly pledge to protect its families and small businesses from the tax hike and higher spending special interests in Washington.

Since first being elected in 2010, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann has been a friend to taxpayers in Tennessee.  Rep. Fleischmann signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a candidate in 2010 and has since voted consistently against raising taxes on the families and businesses of the state’s 3rd District.  A solid conservative candidate, Fleischmann received high marks from a number of leading conservative organizations including an 88% rating from the American Conservative Union, and an 86% rating from the Club for Growth. 

Scores of this caliber rank Rep. Fleischmann among the top Republicans in Congress.  Perhaps most important is that by calling for the elimination of the Death Tax, Rep. Fleischmann has defended the rights of the families and small businesses of Tennessee to pass on what they’ve earned to future generations.  With over 471,000 small businesses statewide, the elimination of the Death Tax should be a priority to any wise Tennessee taxpayer.

Attempting to unseat Congressman Fleischmann in the upcoming primary on August 2nd are two candidates who refuse to make the same written commitment that Fleishmann has, to oppose any and all tax increases. By refusing to sign the Pledge, Scottie Mayfield and Weston Wamp have left the door open to higher taxes. They are leaving the families and small business owners of Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District vulnerable to higher taxes in 2013 and beyond. 

Tennessee voters would be wise to question the uncertain tax policy of candidates Mayfield and Wamp; and to consider the pro-growth, pro-taxpayer record of Rep. Chuck Fleischmann when heading to the polls next Thursday.

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