Rep. Chris Cox (R-Calif.) leads group of 151 House members who vow to uphold a presidential veto on excessive spending measures .

WASHINGTON – For many, the war on terrorism meant a war against fiscal discipline in Congress. But some House members have shown that this needs not be the case.

Today, Rep. Chris Cox (R-Calif.) announced that 151 House members have pledged to uphold a presidential veto of excessive spending bills during the appropriations process of the coming weeks. The members pledged this in a joint letter to President George W. Bush.

"This is a bold move by bold members in a Congress that is slouching toward a shameless spending spree at the expense of the American taxpayer," said Grover Norquist, who heads Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in Washington. "The House has passed some decent spending bills, but the Senate is showing itself to be the most dysfunctional institution in American politics – almost worse than the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco."

The Senate has yet to make the tough decisions on federal spending made by the U.S. House. The most recent example is the prescription drug benefit plan, the Senate version of which is twice as expensive as the version which passed the House.

"It is ridiculous for Tom Daschle to complain about a burgeoning deficit while he pounds through a prescription drug subsidy legislation twice as costly as what passed the House," continued Norquist.

The letter, which was signed by 151 House members, reads:

"To win the War on Terrorism and sustain economic growth, the federal government must control spending. To this end, we will sustain your veto of any supplemental appropriation legislation that: Requires that you spend in excess of $27.1 billion, the amount of emergency 2002 supplemental spending you requested; or Provides less than you requested to win the War on Terrorism, or to rebuild New York. The bill passed by the House on May 24 by a vote of 280-138 meets these criteria. We write to show our strong support for holding the line on excessive government spending."

1. W. Todd Akin
2. Dick Armey
3. Spencer Bachus
4. Richard Baker
5. Cass Ballenger
6. Bob Barr
7. Roscoe Bartlett
8. Joe Barton
9. Charles Bass
10. Judy Biggert
11. Michael Bilirakis
12. Roy Blunt
13. John Boehner
14. Mary Bono
15. John Boozman
16. Kevin Brady
17. Henry Brown
18. Dan Burton
19. Ed Bryant
20. Steve Buyer
21. Ken Calvert
22. Dave Camp
23. Chris Cannon
24. Eric Cantor
25. Steve Chabot
26. Saxby Chambliss
27. Howard Coble
28. Mac Collins
29. John Cooksey
30. Christopher Cox
31. Phil Crane
32. Ander Crenshaw
33. Barbara Cubin
34. John Culberson
35. Tom Davis
36. Jim DeMint
37. Lincoln Diaz-Balart
38. David Dreier
39. John Duncan
40. Jennifer Dunn
41. Phil English
42. Jeff Flake
43. Ernie Fletcher
44. Mark Foley
45. Randy Forbes
46. Elton Gallegly
47. Greg Ganske
48. George Gekas
49. Jim Gibbons
50. Paul Gillmor
51. Ben Gilman
52. Virgil Goode*
53. Bob Goodlatte
54. Porter Goss
55. Lindsey Graham
56. James Greenwood
57. Sam Graves
58. Mark Green
59. Felix Grucci
60. Gil Gutknecht
61. James Hansen
62. Melissa Hart
63. Doc Hastings
64. J.D. Hayworth
65. Joel Hefley
66. Wally Herger
67. Van Hilleary
68. Pete Hoekstra
69. Stephen Horn
70. John Hostettler
71. Amo Houghton
72. Kenny Hulshof
73. Duncan Hunter
74. Henry Hyde
75. Darrell Issa
76. William Jenkins
77. Sam Johnson
78. Tim Johnson
79. Walter Jones
80. Ric Keller
81. Mark Kennedy
82. Brian Kerns
83. Mark Kirk
84. Ron Lewis
85. John Linder
86. Frank Lucas
87. Don Manzullo
88. Scott McInnis
89. John Mica
90. Gary Miller
91. Jeff Miller
92. Jerry Moran
93. Sue Myrick
94. Charlie Norwood
95. Jim Nussle
96. Tom Osborne
97. Doug Ose
98. C.L. Butch Otter
99. Michael Oxley
100. Ron Paul
101. Mike Pence

102. Thomas Petri
103. Chip Pickering
104. Joe Pitts
105. Todd Russell Platts
106. Richard Pombo
107. Rob Portman
108. Deborah Pryce
109. Adam Putnam
110. George Radanovich
111. Jim Ramstad
112. Tom Reynolds
113. Bob Riley
114. Mike Rogers
115. Dana Rohrabacher
116. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
117. Ed Royce
118. Paul Ryan
119. Jim Ryun
120. Jim Saxton
121. Bob Schaffer
122. Edward Schrock
123. Pete Sessions
124. John Shadegg
125. Christopher Shays
126. Clay Shaw
127. John Shimkus
128. Bill Shuster
129. Rob Simmons
130. Chris Smith
131. Nick Smith
132. Mark Souder
133. Cliff Stearns
134. Charles Stenholm
135. Bob Stump
136. John Sullivan
137. John Sununu
138. Thomas Tancredo
139. Billy Tauzin
140. Lee Terry
141. Bill Thomas
142. Mac Thornberry
143. Patrick Tiberi
144. Patrick J. Toomey
145. Fred Upton
146. David Vitter
147. Greg Walden
148. Curt Weldon
149. Dave Weldon
150. Jerry Weller
151. Joe Wilson

*Concurring letter