WASHINGTON- On Monday, May 8, Americans for Tax Reform, along with representatives from other pro-free market groups, denounced H.R. 701, the Young-Miller Land Grab Bill.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, issued the following statement on behalf of taxpayers throughout the country regarding the Young-Miller Land Grab Bill:
"This so-called Conservation and Re-Investment Act is anything but.  It is nothing more than a collection of trust funds, pork barrel spending, and massive government land acquisition.
"H.R. 701 results in $45 billion of taxpayers\’ money being spent for the government to acquire more land.  This is non-appropriated money.  Once it is spent, it is gone forever, never to be seen by the taxpayers ever again.
"In communist countries, you expect the government to own land.  This is not something we should expect, nor tolerate, in the United States of America.
"We are considering using this vote in our ratings for the second session of the 106th Congress.  This bill is bad for taxpayers.
"On behalf of taxpayers throughout the country, I urge Congress to reject H.R. 701, the Young-Miller Land Grab Bill.  It is bad for America."
ATR is coalition of individuals, taxpayer groups and businesses concerned with tax policy, spending reduction, and restoring accountability to elected officials.  To date, ATR has collected signed pledges from 209 U.S. Representatives and 41 U.S. Senators, 1100 State legislators and presidential candidate Governor George W. Bush.