-And they won’t be with Jim Webb in Office-

WASHINGTON—Virginia taxpayers could pay an additional $1,352 more in taxes each year, but it depends which Senate candidate ends up in office.  George Allen (R) and Jim Webb (D) are quite the contrast when it comes to how much taxpayers will pay in Virginia.

Jim Webb repeatedly said he would take a “hard look” at the tax cuts when they come up for extension and that he favors repealing the tax cuts.  Webb never says he will support tax cuts that affect every American family.

“If Jim Webb had his way, Congress never would have passed the tax cuts of 2003,” explained Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.  “That means every family in Virginia would have paid an additional $1,352 in taxes each year.”

By contrast, George Allen supported the passage of the 2003 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (JGTRRA) which provided $1.1 trillion in tax relief affecting every American family.  Since its passage, the JGTRRA created millions of jobs, including more than 260,000 new jobs in Virginia.

Without permanent tax relief the tax increase on average will be:

  • 115 million taxpayers – $1,716 
  • 48 million married couples – $2,726
  • 17 million seniors – $2,034
  • 26 million small business owners – $3,637

“No one is exempt from a Jim Webb tax cut repeal,” continued Norquist.  “If you are a married couple, single mom, senior, small business owner, or any other taxpayer, Jim Webb wants to raise your taxes.”