Americans for Tax Reform congratulates New Jersey Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer Jack Ciattarelli on winning the New Jersey Republican primary for Governor. 

Incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) reckless tax-and-spend agenda has given New Jersey the unwelcome distinction of being ranked 50th in the country for its overall Business Tax Climate. For that reason, it should be no surprise that the Garden State has become one of the worst places in the nation to start a small business under Murphy’s leadership.  

Ciattarelli, however, has committed himself to helping small businesses and alleviating their tax burden, whereas Murphy has imposed job-killing coronavirus restrictions.  

 “As a small business owner, I know the struggles New Jersey businesses are facing firsthand. Another four years of Murphy will only bring us more economic chaos and close more Main Street businesses across the state,” said Ciattarelli on Twitter.  

Additionally, according to Bloomberg Wealth, New Jersey residents will pay the most taxes over a lifetime. Garden State taxpayers will pay an average of $931,698, well above the $525,000 national average. New Jersey is also home to the highest property tax rate in the country, sitting a whopping 2.2%. This works out to be an average of $9,196 per single-family home.  

“For almost four years, Governor Murphy has failed to deliver real change or address the issues New Jerseyans struggle with every day,” said Ciattarelli in a press release. “As our next governor, I will rebuild Main Street, get our kids back in school, and ensure our residents have the quality of life they’ve always envisioned.”  

New Jersey, as it recovers from the harsh coronavirus restrictions and tax hikes imposed by Gov. Murphy, needs a taxpayer advocate in Trenton like Jack Ciattarelli.  

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