2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called for eliminating private health insurance if elected, instead opting for a taxpayer-funded “medicare for all” program, which would strip millions of Americans off of their private insurance plans.

Warren made the comment during the first Democratic presidential debate on NBC Wednesday night.

“So, yes. I’m with Bernie on Medicare for all,” said Elizabeth Warren and raised her hand instantly when Lester Holtz asked who on the stage would “abolish” private health insurance.

Democrats, in addition to eliminating private health insurance, also talked about raising taxes and implementing a carbon tax.

  • Beto O’Rourke called for raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent.  “Take that corporate tax rate up to 28 percent.”
  • Bill DeBlasio called for a 70 percent top marginal income tax rate.  “Yes, we’re supposed to be for a 70 percent tax rate on the wealthy.”
  • John Delaney called for a carbon tax on the American people, which Chuck Todd described as “just politically impossible.” “This is really important. All the economists agree that a carbon pricing mechanism works. You just have to do it right. You can’t put a price on carbon, raise energy prices, and not give the money back to the American people.  My proposal, which is put a price on carbon, give a dividend back to the American people. It goes out one pocket, back in the other.”


 H.R. 763, a carbon dividend bill — imposes a large, continually ratcheting national energy tax, allowing politicians to raise taxes without ever having to vote. It would raise taxes on Social Security benefits and require a large bureaucracy to implement and run. The well-funded carbon tax group pushing Rooney’s bill — Citizens’ Climate Lobby — was caught on tape admitting carbon tax cost and complexity is “something that we at CCL can tend to soft-pedal.”

It’s no wonder 75 conservative groups wrote a letter to congress stating: “We oppose any carbon tax.