In advance of a final U.S. Senate vote on Monday, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) today sent an action alert to Louisiana taxpayers asking them to urge Sen. Mary Landrieu to vote “No” on the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”  The Act is a $22 billion tax increase that would dramatically expand government tax authority, increase tax complexity, lead to further tax grabs, discourage tax competition among the states, and threaten privacy.

The text of the action alert is as follows:

          After an outpouring of opposition from taxpayers like you, senators are quickly learning how dangerous the Marketplace Fairness Act’s Internet sales tax would be for taxpayers and small businesses. Now is the time to send Senator Landrieu a clear message: Vote AGAINST the Marketplace Fairness Act!

          Take Action Now to urge Senator Landrieu to vote AGAINST an Internet sales tax that would line the pockets of the political elite in other states.

          For weeks, a group of tax-hungry senators has been quietly pushing legislation that would include an unprecedented Internet sales tax. Advocates of the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” assumed they would have broad support, but grassroots efforts have slowed down this $22 billion tax hike’s momentum.

          There is even more at stake here than the $22 billion that will be taken from taxpayers. The proposed legislation would threaten privacy, force small businesses to comply with thousands of local tax codes, and infringe on states’ rights.

          The choice is clear for senators who care about letting hardworking Americans keep more of what they earn. Contact Senator Landrieu immediately to let her know you OPPOSE an Internet sales tax.

          Another vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act is expected this Monday, May 6. Senator Landrieu needs to be reminded that an Internet sales tax would be bad for you and the rest of Louisiana's taxpayers.

          We must keep the pressure on our senators before they vote on Monday. Take action now to prevent an Internet Sales Tax at