Comparison examines effects of tax plans on working Americans

WASHINGTON- On Monday October 9, Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, a non-profit, educational foundation located in Washington, DC, released an easy to read, one-page comparison of the tax plans of Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush.  The comparison details how the two tax plans will affect working Americans.
Damon Ansell, vice president for policy at Americans for Tax Reform, issued the following statement explaining more about the comparison:
"With all of the allegations being thrown about regarding each candidates tax plans during the Presidential debate, we decided that an objective examination and comparison of key components of the candidates\’ tax plans would help move the public debate forward.
"We believe our comparison of the two tax plans will make it easier for individuals to cut through the rhetoric and see exactly what each plan will do for average, working Americans.  This comparison should help clarify the tax issue for this Presidential election.
"To compile the comparison we looked at a variety of specifics within each candidates\’ tax plan and pulled out ones we thought would apply to a sizeable portion of the American public.  Some of the specifics we examined included across the board income tax reduction, elimination of the marriage penalty, tax relief for seniors who work or have long term care insurance, tax relief for single parents with children, and tax relief for parents who have children in college. 
"We put together this comparison using information we gleaned from various sources.  The chart is essentially a checklist, with brief explanations of each candidates\’ position."