Spending cap legislation earns endorsement

WASHINGTON —  Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) today announced its endorsement of Wisconsin\’s Assembly Bill 1, "a bill to limit state appropriations from general purpose revenue."  Too often politicians treat public money as their own, spending liberally at the expense of taxpayers.  This legislation seeks to correct that, by restricting politicians\’ desire to spend money they don\’t have, which then curtails any need to call for a tax increase.  

ATR supports this legislation because it:

·        Limits the aggregate amount of general-purpose revenue that may be appropriated in any fiscal biennium, starting with the 2003-2005 budget;

·        Ensures that state spending will grow no faster than the incomes of the state\’s residents. 

Taxpayers commend the bills author, State Representative Steve Wieckert and Speaker Scott Jensen for designating this legislation as a top priority. ATR urges all state representatives to support this legislation to ensure that state spending can never exceed the rate in which Wisconsin taxpayers earn an income.

A public hearing will be held on January 24, 2001, at 225 N.W. State Capitol at 10 a.m.  ATR plans to speak out and publicly endorse it at that time. Proponents of tax and spending control will also be able to read the bill and register their official support online, through the Tax and Spending Limitations Committee\’s website,


The site will continue to take testimony until close of business on Wednesday.