Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) launches statewide media campaign against Gov. O\’Bannon\’s plan to increase Indiana\’s taxes.

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the nation\’s leading taxpayer advocacy group, today announced it would begin a statewide media campaign to oppose Gov. Frank O\’Bannon\’s billion-dollar tax increase plan.

The media campaign will air on radio in four major Indiana media markets, at a cost of $20,000.

"Governor O\’Bannon and the legislature will hear from the taxpayers of Indiana and the national taxpayer movement that this tax-and-spend trend will not stand in the Hoosier state," said Damon Ansell, vice president for policy at Americans for Tax Reform. "Spending restraint, not higher taxes, are the answer to a state\’s budgetary ills," he continued.

For more information, or to view the text of the radio advertisement, visit ATR\’s website at or call Damon Ansell at (202) 785-0266.