President continues to highlight the need for medical, class action, and asbestos reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nation\’s leading taxpayer advocacy organization, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), today praised President George W. Bush for his commitment to passing meaningful tort reform, including medical liability reform, class action reform, and asbestos reform.

For the past two days President Bush has been highlighting the need for common sense medical liability reform. The president\’s plan will protect patients, open up new healthcare access and slow the accelerating costs of healthcare by cutting down on frivolous lawsuits.

"For all the rhetoric about medical costs inside the beltway, some members of Congress continue to obstruct on the most important change – medical malpractice reform," said ATR president Grover Norquist. "The parasite trial lawyers continue to shut down doctor offices strip patients of care, and drive up the cost of healthcare. The time is now to stop this charade."

President Bush has also highlighted the need for class action lawsuit reform and asbestos litigation reform during the past two days. The importance of these initiatives should not be underestimated. The current class action has been abused over the years and has worked to weaken the American judicial system. Moreover, the crisis in asbestos litigation has resulted in more than 60 companies declaring bankruptcy, workers losing their jobs and their pension plans, and the actual sick claimants are not getting the relief. At the same time, trial lawyers are reaping billions of dollars.

"America has the most expensive tort system in the world," continued Norquist. "The cost of the system is eating 3 percent of the economy each and every year which is resulting in a lower standard of living for all Americans. The time for reform is now."