Center for Worker Freedom executive director Matt Patterson was quoted in a Washington Examiner article written by Sean Higgins regarding the massive amount of taxpayer funds spent on union activities.

Matt Patterson, executive director of the conservative Center for Worker Freedom, said the cozy relationship between public-sector unions and federal agencies was suspect at best.

“People are under the impression that tax dollars go to pay public employees to do public , but that’s not always so,” Patterson said. “It all amounts to a huge public payoff from elected officials to their Big Labor campaign contributors.”

An op-ed written by Americans for Tax Reform director of state affairs Patrick Gleason was highlighted in Eric Boehm’s Watchdog.Org article regarding California’s plastic bag ban.

As Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform pointed out in a 2011 National Review article about the San Francisco plastic bag ban: “I don’t know about you, but bags from the store I usually keep to reuse again, to line waste bins, clean up after a pet, etc., so when you don’t have a stockpile built up and aren’t saving those bags, you have to go buy new ones. This goes together with the nonsensical nature of this policy, which has no positive impact on the environment. What’s the point of discriminating against bags on one side of the checkout from bags on the other?”

Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women’s Forum wrote a piece highlighting funds being taken away from breast cancer research and funneled into wasteful, redundant projects.

Mattie Duppler of the Cost of Government Center made this point in a recent post for The Hill newspaper, where she explains that “since 2000, nearly $170 million in grants has been doled out to focus on researching one chemical- bisphenol A (BPA)… despite regulators around the world insisting BPA is safe.” Duppler also points out the paradox that exists in these funding streams- while the agency declares a product safe, it simultaneously funds anti-chemical activist groups that are trying to ban BPA and release dubious studies that claim it’s unsafe for human contact.