Taxpayer dollars used to fund South Dakota Senator\’s reelection campaign

WASHINGTON – With control of the United States Senate up for grabs this November, liberal tax-and-spenders are engaged in a variety of duplicitous tactics to ensure they are victorious, tactics which include making taxpayers foot the bill for their reelection efforts.

According to the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, instead of flying first class or even booking cheaper airline seats, Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) has flown on over 100 private planes within South Dakota. Since 1997, these trips have cost taxpayers more than $84,000.

This information contrasts with Johnson\’s claim several years ago that he takes advantage of frequent flyer miles to save on costs. In 1998, Johnson said, "Every one of those free flights saves a few federal dollars and that\’s another victory for American taxpayers. As a taxpayer myself…I think we need all the victories we can get."

"This is deplorable and reeks of tyranny. Not only does Tim Johnson waste taxpayer money by voting for unnecessary spending while working as senator, but he also wastes taxpayer money while vying for reelection as senator. Sen. Johnson criticized his predecessor for flying first class then promised to use frequent flyer miles to save taxpayer money. Rather, he should do what every other South Dakotan does when they travel around the state, drive," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

"I call on Johnson to refund the money in question and to defend the taxpayers of South Dakota-beginning today by signing a pledge to oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes. And if he wants to sign the pledge, I will even pay for his flight back home so he can sign it," Norquist concluded.