Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will deliver a speech on the House floor tonight and Grand Canyon State taxpayers are on pins and needles. 

Rumors have been circulating around the state house today that Gov. Brewer will propose some form of tax increase.  No confirmation yet as to whether she will propose a direct tax increase or propose putting a tax hike on the ballot.

Either proposal would be a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  A written commitment that she and 30 other AZ lawmakers made to their constituents to oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes.

It’s never a good time to raise taxes but doing so in the middle of an economic downturn would be devastating for Arizona families and employers.  Furthermore, Arizona taxpayers already spend 194 days, well over half of the year, just paying for the cost of their government.

It should also be noted that Congressman Jeff Flake and former AZ Gov. Fife Symington recently sent a letter to all 90 AZ lawmakers informing them that tax hikes are not the solution to the state’s overspending problem, which they call "an unprecedented financial disaster."

Let’s hope AZ Pledge signers will uphold this commitment.  Click here to view Gov. Brewer’s signed Pledge.