WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) commends Pennsylvania state Representative Jeff Coleman for organizing the "Tax Me More Tour," scheduled to begin today. At 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25, supporters will convene on the back steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg to voice their opposition to Governor Ed Rendell\’s "tax and spend agenda."

ATR will join representatives from the Commonwealth Foundation, Citizens Against Higher Taxes, Pennsylvania Manufacturers\’ Association, Pennsylvanian\’s for Right to Work, and the Pennsylvania Family Institute to reinforce the following message: "Pennsylvania\’s working families can\’t afford one dime in new taxes. If the Governor wants to make the case around the state that we\’re somehow under-taxed, we\’ll be there to offer a little balance."

Gov. Rendell\’s tax plan includes additional state borrowing to enable billions in new state spending on development projects, increasing the state personal income tax by one-third, and cutting statewide property taxes by an average of 30%. Taxpayers who earn income but who do not own homes, for example, will be hit doubly hard by the tax plan.

A family earning $60,000 per year now pays $1,680 in income taxes; if Gov. Rendell\’s plan is successfully implemented, the same family\’s tax liability will jump to $2,280.

Some districts would only see a property tax reduction of 15%, while those same taxpayers would still pay the additional statewide rate increase on income.

The governor is scheduled to unveil his tax plan in greater detail today, March 25.