Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) states he will support Obama’s government takeover of healthcare if it is “paid for,” Blue Dog language referring to tax increases

In an interview with WLOX on Saturday, Congressman Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) stated he would support the Pelosi/Waxman government takeover of healthcare if it was “paid for”.
Rep. Taylor now has at least three positions on the Pelosi healthcare scheme:
(1) He will support it if it has “major changes.”  This was his position on his website as of July 30, 2009.  Yet after the major changes orchestrated by Congressman Taylor’s own Blue Dog caucus, the congressman has become irate, offensive and belligerent in his attempts to distance himself from the caucus he helped found.
(2) He “opposes” the plan.  This was stated in the offensive press release, littered with ad hominem attacks, issued by Rep. Taylor on Friday, July 31.
(3) He will support the plan if it is “paid for”.  This was revealed in an interview with Mississippi’s WLOX on Saturday, August 1.  Rep. Taylor’s description of his newest policy is at  It is critical to note the Blue Dog Coalition’s enforced policy of “pay fors”.  Since Speaker Pelosi took the helm of Congress, Rep. Taylor’s Blue Dog Caucus has insisted that any government spending is fine as long as it is “paid for” with new tax increases.  Rep. Taylor has even voted to include the tax increase rule as a part of the governing rules of the House of Representatives.  Now, Rep. Taylor admits that he will support government-run healthcare if it is simply coupled with enough tax increases.
It should come as no surprise to Rep. Taylor’s constituents that he is disingenuous.  His rhetoric back in Biloxi just doesn’t match his votes in Washington.  In Mississippi, Rep. Taylor signed a Pledge not to increase taxes.  In Washington, Rep. Taylor voted to break his Pledge on three occasions the very first year he was offered the chance.  In fact, Rep. Taylor only waited 14 days after he elected Nancy Pelosi Speaker before voting for his first tax increase; this one was on U.S. fuel production only a few months before gas climbed to more than $4.00 a gallon.
Now, Rep. Taylor’s Blue Dogs are cutting deals with Speaker Pelosi that punish small businesses with tax hikes during the worst recession in 20 years, and he says he’ll support the plan if it is “paid for”.  Already the Blue Dog plan increases the tax rate paid by most small businesses by over 50 percent, imposes a new payroll tax of 8 percent on successful small employers, and slaps on a new tax on individuals of up to 2.5 percent of income.  How many more tax increases does Rep. Gene Taylor want to “pay for” ObamaCare?