Democrats are at it again. Determined to raise taxes, Senate Democrats are propping up students to justify extracting more money from the American people. Instead of looking at ways to cut spending and reform government to pay for student loans, they are resorting back to the familiar playbook that calls for overtaxed citizens to pay even more. Quarterbacking this madness is Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), who seems to think that calling for $8.6 billion in new taxes to pay for more spending is sound public policy. When talking to college students at Roger Williams University Senator Reed said:

“We need to rethink the federal approach to providing student loans.  There are sensible, fiscally-responsible steps we can take to make our financial aid system more effective, affordable, and sustainable in the long run.”

The problem is that Senator Reed’s proposal doesn’t match his rhetoric. There is nothing sensible or fiscally responsible about billions of dollars in new taxes that would simply keep the status quo of student loans rates. If politicians like Senator Reed really want to get serious and provide real solutions to problems like student loans, a good starting point would be to stop asking for more tax revenue.