WASHINGTON – Will Tom Daschle, the leader of the Democratically controlled Senate deny himself the tax relief that he sought to deny the American people?

To find out, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has sent Daschle the Anti-Hypocrisy Pledge.

On Tuesday, June 7th the United States Senate passed bipartisan tax relief legislation, HR. 1836, providing American taxpayers with the tax relief they deserve. After a 62-38 vote, 38 Senators, led by Daschle, decided that
the American people did not deserve tax relief.

The Anti-hypocrisy pledge would commit Daschle to not accepting any tax relief passed that he voted against.

The tax relief signed by President Bush over Daschle\’s objection will save the Senator over $1500 this year and $4000 when fully phased in.

To the People of South Dakota,

I oppose tax relief for the citizens of South Dakota.

I want South Dakotans to pay the marriage penalty tax, the death tax and higher marginal income tax rates.

Having voted against tax relief for South Dakotans I will not take this tax relief for myself.

I am a high tax politician, but I am not a hypocrite.


To the People of South Dakota,

I oppose tax relief for the citizens of South Dakota, but I intend to take and keep every penny of this tax relief for myself.

I did not want South Dakotans to have lower taxes, but I want lower taxes for me.

I am a tax and spend politician and a hypocrite.


Taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, President of ATR, issued the following statement.

"Daschle\’s leadership in opposition to tax relief for the workers and farmers of South Dakota is hypocritical unless he pledges to his constituents that he will not accept the tax relief he attempted to keep from them. Signing the pledge demonstrates his commitment to oppose rank hypocrisy," said Norquist.

Click here for copies of the pledge and letter that Norquist sent to Daschle (Adobe PDF document only).