At our current Administration seems dedicated to imposing even more crippling taxes that will kill jobs and destroy our economy, it seems the rest of the world is doing the exact opposite.

Thoughts On Freedom provides this roundup:

"A decade ago it seemed that “tax cuts” was an extremely rude phrase in most of Europe. Not any more.

– Germany is looking at tax cuts.
– France is looking at tax cuts.
– Italy is talking tax cuts.
– Finland is cutting taxes.
– Sweden is rolling out tax cuts.

Most of these tax cuts are modest. However it does seems that tax cuts are no longer the height of rudeness in Europe. You can say “tax cut” and get elected."

As the rest of the world becomes more and more competative, our outdated tax code, based on the failed economic polices of the past, will hurt as more and more.

(Reproduced with permission from Thoughts on Freedom)