As seen in the Daily Caller, Matt Blumenfeld, State Policy Associate, expounds upon Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent comments about the San Diego Chargers relocating to San Antonio. From an economic standpoint, every member of the Chargers organization would see their tax liability decrease and after tax pay increase substantially:

“Texas is one of nine states without an income tax, which has made it a magnet for people and employers from other parts of the country. The Chargers’ current home state has one of the most inhospitable tax climates in America.”

Even the visiting teams stand to benefit from a potential move to the Lone Star “since professional athletes are required to pay what is known as a ‘jock tax’ in each state they play an away game. Texas has no income tax, and therefore no ‘jock tax’.”

Texas already is the top destination for Golden State tax refugees so the Chargers should simply follow the example set by their fans.

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