It takes weeks to post a bill that has already been passed out of committee online? REALLY?!?

The Examiner has a great op-ed today discussing the author’s attempts to convince the House Energy and Commerce Committee to put their health care bill online. The committee passed its version before it left for recess on Friday, amending its initial mark-up extensively. From the article:

When we called them yesterday morning to get a copy, we were told that the amended version might not be compiled until after the August recess. When we called back for an official comment, spokeswoman Lindsey Vidal gave us the slightly less jarring news that it would take at least two to three weeks, even though we live in an age of computer cut-and-paste.

So, the committee has a final bill, but will need WEEKS to post it online? REALLY?!? What are they doing, writing it in longhand and then scanning it onto their website? After all, it’s not like they’re taking time to read the bill….

The “stimulus” was rushed through Congress at lightning speed and has since proven ineffective and wasteful (and not to mention full of provisions Members weren’t so fond of…a tiny detail they may have realized had they actually read the bill).

Cap-and-Trade has not even been printed in full after a 300-page amendment was tacked onto it in the dead of the night when votes took place on this massive tax that in the coming years will raise American families’ energy costs by $4,600 and cost the country over a million jobs.

And now the government wants to push health care legislation that will upend the most successful healthcare system in the world and allow bureaucracy to dictate how much your health is worth in the same opaque and dishonest way and thinks Americans are just going to accept it? REALLY?!?

And this is the “most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history?” REALLY?!?