Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai formally announced his support of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. 

Chairman Pai’s support is a major step forward to realizing the benefits of a combined T-Mobile and Sprint. The New T-Mobile will build out a nationwide 5G network, help close the digital divide and be more fully capable of competing against the leading wireless companies. 

Both T-Mobile and Sprint have committed to building out their mid-band spectrum holdings, developing a network that will cover 97 percent of Americans — including 85 percent of rural residents — within three years. The companies have also pledged to create an in-home broadband product that would provide internet to underserved areas across the country.

This will help the millions of Americans without broadband access engage in the digital world. 

It will also strengthen the United States’ position as the global leader in technology. By aggressively rolling out its 5G network, the New T-Mobile will incentivize other carriers to do the same. Since the United States could considerably improve its deployment of mid-band spectrum, this is not an opportunity we can afford to pass up. 

T-Mobile and Sprint have already made significant commitments for their new network, including pledging to not raise prices for three years. The companies will also create 7,500 customer service jobs by 2024 and open 600 new stores across the country. 

By supporting this merger, Chairman Pai is supporting a stronger, more connected America. The FCC should formally approve the T-Mobile/Sprint merger — it will be beneficial for competition, consumers and the American economy.