The Left Keeps Spreading Scurrilous Lies

WASHINGTON— The extreme Left is so desperate for a succulent piece of scandal for mass consumption that they have decided to invent one. The extreme leftist organization, NARAL, last week begun their first run of erroneous television advertising. The real scandal is that their scandal is an outright lie. At the end of the advertisement it proclaims that Judge Roberts\\\’ “…ideology excuse[s] violence against other Americans.”

The Annenberg Center for Public Policy — a nonpartisan, nonprofit, voter educational organization that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics — issued a scathing report against the NARAL advertisement. The Annenberg Center quickly declared that “NARAL falsely accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts… [that he] supported an abortion-clinic bomber and excused violence. In fact, Roberts called clinic bombers “criminals” who should be prosecuted fully… the ad is false.” The Annenberg Report bottom line is that, “Nowhere in Roberts’ court brief or oral arguments does he defend or excuse acts of violence.”

This is a clear example of the left’s desperate tactics to attack a well-qualified nominee. If the left cannot get a leftist activist Judge and the nominee is clearly well-qualified the Left figures that “it’s easier to confuse voters then to unconfuse them”. The Left’s untruthful slash and burn political witch-hunt tactics should have no place in what ought to be a dignified and respectful judicial confirmation process.

After outcries from those seeking some decency in the confirmation process, NARAL gave in and pulled the ad vilifying Roberts. For the full report on NARAL’s outrageously false TV ad visit

Americans for Tax Reform has called on the Senate to meet its constitutional obligations and ensure a speedy confirmation process with an up or down vote on all judicial nominees.