John Paul Stevens: Right Wing Ideologue

Upon a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, the President nominated his candidate. The ultra-liberal National Organization of Women (NOW) issued a statement calling the nominee insensitive the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and pointing out a tendency to rule against female plaintiffs. This pattern, according to NOW “raises the question of whether he can fairly, judiciously and impartially review those cases which will reach him as a Justice of the Supreme Court.”

The year? 1975. The President? Gerald Ford. The nominee? Associate Justice John Paul Stevens. Justice Stevens has since made numerous decisions that should make NOW more then happy with his appointment.

The far Left has a proven track record of obstructionism and opportunism for the sake of scoring political points. In the Left’s playbook, the mere notion of being nominated by a Republican disqualifies a nominee to serve on the high court.

The American public gets it. In a recent CNN poll, 86% of Americans said that Democrats will oppose President Bush’s nominee for “inappropriate political reasons.”

Americans for Tax Reform has called on the Senate to meet its constitutional obligations and ensure a speedy confirmation process with an up or down vote on all judicial nominees.