The Left wants it both ways

There’s a lot of talk about “litmus tests” in Washington these days. The Left continues to claim that it only seeks Judge Roberts’ “judicial philosophy,” and not to impose litmus tests, but in the same breath they demand the nominee make theoretical rulings in hypothetical cases.

In an op-ed, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wrote: “I will be looking to ascertain Roberts’ juridical philosophy on when precedent can and should be overturned, what is the proper balance of power between the three branches of government…”

However, in the same op-ed, Sen. Feinstein finished the paragraph by saying that she would demand “…what are his views on individual rights both enumerated and implied in our constitution.” Sen. Feinstein told an AP reporter the she would find it ‘very difficult’ to vote for Robert’s, if she determined that he would vote a certain way on future court cases.

The Left “talks the talk,” saying they are only looking at the nominee’s judicial philosophy, yet the Left continue to support rigid litmus tests advocated by the extreme Left’s special interest groups.

Americans for Tax Reform has called on the Senate to meet its constitutional obligation and ensure a speedy confirmation process with an up or down vote on all judicial nominees.\\\