Find out which of your representatives have  signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge! Fill out the form below to get access to the full lists of Senators, US House Members, Governors and State Legislators who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. 

After you fill in your information, you will get immediate access to the lists of elected officials who have signed the pledge. The ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge is the gold standard of accountability and honesty. That's why so many Senators will avoid signing it, or refusing to sign it, publicly. They avoid signing the pledge because they know that Americans for Tax Reform will keep them accountable to honoring that pledge.

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge works in two very powerful ways

1. Being presented with it forces each of these politicians to take a public stand to not raise taxes.

2. With their public signature on the Pledge, they know they actually have to keep their word!

But the Pledge can only make a difference if Americans for Tax Reform can maintain a high profile in Washington. That takes things like paper, envelopes, postage, media events, educational and legislative briefs, and a laundry list of other necessary items that all have a price tag. Unlike liberal political propaganda machines like the ACLU and ACORN, Americans for Tax Reform does its important work on a shoestring budget, and without a dime of federal tax money.

That means two things…

1. ATR is not beholden to a single political party or Politician

2. We must ask for contributions to keep our important "Washington exposure" mission moving forward to expose the tax-and-spend agenda of so many of our elected officials.

In order to encourage these Senators to sign Taxpayer Protection Pledges in record numbers, we will have to print, distribute and collect as many as 3 million of these Tax Pledge Encouragement Forms. And to make this happen, we need your help.

Any gifts are needed — and much appreciated not only by Grover and the rest of the good people at Americans for Tax Reform, but by me as well.

And to demonstrate my commitment to the important work that ATR is doing in Washington, I will offer my book as an incentive for anyone willing to give a gift of $100 or more.

So fill out your information below, and please make a donation on the following page so that we can continue the work of keeping Washington DC politicians honest.