Support Our Efforts to Fight Vapor Tax Hikes

We oppose all tax hikes as a matter of principle and in 2015 (as you can see below), electronic cigarettes and vapor products continue to be the number one target for tax hikes and onerous regulations of any industry in the United States.

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These products are accomplishing what bureaucrats and so-called “public health advocates” couldn’t for decades; vapor products are getting people to quit smoking. Unfortunately, the Nanny State is suffering great financial losses with the decline of tobacco sales and they’re after your mods, e-liquids, and the money new businesses are making selling these products. With your support, we can win this fight. 

We’ve been fighting tax hikes and big government policies since 1985. Please consider making a generous gift to Americans for Tax Reform to help fund our advocacy efforts at the state and federal level in 2015 and beyond.