As the November midterm elections draw ever nearer each day, candidates from all across the nation continue to put their names on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in nearly every state and in hundreds of districts from the Atlantic Northeast in Bangor, to the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu. In Florida’s Tampa Bay Area, two congressional candidates, Mike Prendergast and Tony Buntyn, joined hundreds of others and recently put their signatures on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Buntyn, a consultant and Prendergast, a former congressional aide are competing in Florida’s August GOP Primary for the chance to run against Democratic incumbent Kathy Castor. Castor is a two-term incumbent who has been one of a great number of members in this congress who have been all too supportive of the tax and spend practices of the Pelosi-Obama-Reid agenda. Castor voted for the $787 billion stimulus, which according to a recent poll most Florida voters say “will not create or save a significant number of jobs.” Castor also voted for the Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade bill that would impose increased energy costs on working families in every district, including Florida’s 11th. Most recently, Rep. Castor showed exactly whose side she was on when she voted not once, but twice for Health Care proposals that will burden the taxpayers in the 11th district with increased taxes and greater debt. The Cook Political Report rates the PVI at D+11, but with more than half a year until the November midterms, a week in politics is a lifetime so certainly a great deal can change over the course of the next few months.
Prendergast and Buntyn, with their signing of the pledge, have put Rep. Castor on notice in terms of who they stand with in a time of rising debt and higher taxes being shouldered upon the working families in the 11th district. ATR continues to reach out to candidates all across the country urging them to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge so taxpayers find out exactly who they will stand with when after they are sent to Washington D.C. to represent the people.

ATR official release for Mike Prendergast

ATR official release for Tony Buntyn