Stop A National Online Vapor Products Tax!

States are currently prohibited from forcing small businesses to tax purchases that customers across the country make online. A coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and big retailers in Washington, D.C. has been working for more than a year to change that.  

The Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) would force vapor product producers, online retailers, and manufacturers to impose higher taxes on nearly all online purchases. 

The average cost of e-liquids, mods, batteries, and other products would increase by 6% if MFA passed this year. 

All e-cigarette and vapor companies who sell products online would also be the state government’s newest tax collector, subjecting them to tax compliance in nearly 10,000 state and local jurisdictions. This is unacceptable and unnecessarily burdensome to a new class of entrepreneurs without the financial means to afford expensive national accounting firms to handle more government paperwork. 

Las year, Speaker John Boehner said the “bill won’t move forward this year.” Unfortunately, it’s back in 2015!

The Speaker’s colleagues need to hear from you. Sign our petition letting Congress know you stand with Speaker Boehner against higher taxes on vapor products purchased online.