El Paso: Stop the Climate Scam!

El Paso taxpayers should say NO to Prop K on May 6.

Lost jobs, high electricity costs, closed businesses, blackouts… these are just some of the disasters that will hurt El Paso residents under a so-called “Climate Charter” ballot question.

This climate scam was cooked up by radical left-wing activists to hijack El Paso government, without any transparency about the true cost to taxpayers or negative impacts on the city.

El Paso has already been implementing a clean energy plan. In fact, El Paso’s existing clean energy plan features some of the most aggressive CO2 reduction goals in the nation.

So why would radical activists – backed by out-of-state, California special interests – put a new climate scam on the ballot? To seize power and force taxpayers to pay them cushy salaries.

The radical Prop K plan calls for zero carbon emissions from the economy. If it is not defeated: your gas stove is gone, all your gas appliances are gone, and you have to pay for it.

The total tax hike and cost to consumers is $9 billion.

  • An estimated 170,000 jobs will be lost.
  • The economy will shrink 40%.
  • Energy costs will go up by at least 25%.
  • El Paso would lose 69% of its current energy capacity.

Join your neighbors and share your concerns over Prop K with your community. Sign up to canvass today.

The new zero carbon emission mandate for the city economy will be enforced by a special climate commission and a high-paid climate czar that will NOT even be accountable to the elected city council. Contractors that enforce left-wing ideology will get preferential treatment.

Your taxes will go up by billions of dollars to pay for bigger government as the new climate czars force the city to spend on their priorities over basic services.

Switching to activist-approved appliances will cost residents $3 billion. Any traditional energy companies will fail as they won’t be allowed to purchase water from the local utility – costing El Paso thousands of jobs.

El Paso residents will be left in the dark, paying more in taxes and energy costs for an unreliable electric grid run by radical climate activists.

You must defeat the Climate Scam, Prop K, to stop this from happening on May 6, with early voting from April 24 – May 2.

Here’s the full briefing on Prop K’s $9 billion tax bomb:

  • Left-wing Sierra Club activists, who did not know the details of the proposal they were pushing, got Prop K the “El Paso Climate Charter” on the ballot.
  • The Climate Charter is a mandate that El Paso’s whole economy not emit ANY carbon emissions.
    • Even though El Paso already has a climate council and is implementing some of the most aggressive carbon reduction standards in the country.
  • A new climate commission and climate czar position (with a $314,000 annual taxpayer-funded salary) would be created with the power to report on the actions of the city manager and council.
  • City government would be hijacked by these climate activists: city funds would have to be used for ‘climate purposes’ and existing city employees would have to work toward climate goals as well.
    • Think your tax dollars are funding police, fire, or other basic services? Not anymore, workers will have to help advance the radical climate agenda.
  • Prop K is central control and discriminatory ESG standards on steroids. Contractors that chase green standards will get government contracts, forget effectiveness and efficiency when spending taxpayer dollars.
  • Any new city funding would have to create “climate jobs.”
  • Water utilities cannot sell water to fossil fuel companies at all. This will prevent them from operating.
    • Thousands of jobs will be directly lost. Each existing energy job supports 5 other workers, placing those jobs in jeopardy as well.
  • Over $3 billion will have to be spent by families and businesses to get rid of gas appliances, and any other non-electric appliances.

Ready to save El Paso from this $9 billion stealth tax hike? Join your neighbors in canvassing your community in opposition to Prop K. You can sign up here.

The bottom line costs if Prop K is not defeated: The total tax hike and cost to consumers would be $9 billion. An estimated 170,000 jobs will be lost. The economy will shrink 40%. Energy costs will go up by at least 25%. El Paso would lose 69% of its current energy capacity.

Sign up to stop Prop K today. Your chance to say NO starts April 24 with early voting.