On Saturday, September 29th, Americans for Tax Reform kicked off its “Stop Obamacare Taxes Tour” in Las Vegas, with an event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, as part of campaign aimed at generating awareness about scheduled future tax hikes including in Obamacare, set to go into effect on January 1. 

In preparation for our second event in Denver, Colorado at WWE Smackdown at the Denver Pepsi Center, staff members arranged accommodations at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott Denver Downtown, just minutes from the venue. Upon checking into our hotel on Monday afternoon, we were told to park our StopObamacareTaxes RV in the alley parking lot behind the hotel, which runs parallel to 11th Street between Walnut and Auraria, where we were told the cost to park was $29/ day. 

The RV is wrapped with a graphic which says “Stop ObamaCare Taxes Tour” with a website and information on taxes currently in effect and coming into effect, such as the Obamacare Health Insurance Tax, which hits on January 1 of 2018. 

At 11:30AM today, October 3rd, we were notified by the SpringHill Suites Manager via a warning at the front desk and call to my cell phone that the RV had to be moved because the “college campus does not allow vehicles (including RVs) with ‘political messages’ on them on campus.”

Next to the hotel is the Auraria Higher Education Center, which hosts a Denver campus for the University of Colorado, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Community College of Denver. 

In claiming that the college does not permit political messages on campus, the hotel manager revealed that she was either personally triggered (as we were paying the hotel $29/night to park where they advised us to) OR that the college campuses, publicly funded by taxpayers, oppose political and free speech.

In response to my bringing awareness to this issue, Marriott informed us that this “is not a Marriott policy” and apologized for the “miscommunication.” There was no miscommunication; we were kicked off the property because college students or a SpringHill Suites manager were triggered. 

The RV is currently parked at the Pepsi Center in Denver, in preparation for our second Stop Obamacare Taxes Tour event at WWE Smackdown, where we will ask attendees to send emails to their Congressmen urging a repeal of Obamacare taxes, including the forthcoming health insurance tax. And try as they may to hide from our message, as our t-shirts explain, there is no hiding from Obamacare taxes.