Americans for Tax Reform asks that you stand with us and urge the Maryland General Assembly to oppose HB 1051, which would expand the state’s 6-percent sales tax to 29 new services including your cable bill. 

Governor Martin O’Malley has already proposed a budget that would raise the income tax on 1 in 5 Marylanders, tack a 6-percent sales tax on gasoline, and place a sales tax on goods purchased online.  Expanding the sales tax to cable services would only cost Marylanders more of their hard earned money. 

Lawmakers in Annapolis don’t seem to understand that Maryland has a spending problem not a revenue problem.

Click here for more on the O’Malley Budget.

ATR encourages you to write to your Delegate and State Senator and tell them to oppose expanding the sales tax to cable services and goods purchased online.  You can write to your legislator below.