At times when writing for this blog, I feel like I’m somewhat of a gameshow host. This is one of those times. Because I just feel like that, when reporting on unemployment numbers after the so-called "stimulus", the deserve somewhat of a drumroll, and flair in the background, as the voiceover announces: "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!"

Late last week, the unemployment numbers came out for March. And, to the surprise of no-one with any economic understanding whatsoever, unemployment is STILL RIDICULOUSLY HIGH! This is a record-long bout of chronic unemployment that was completely, totally, and utterly preventable by the administration. All they needed to do was cut taxes and reboot our economy. Instead, they did the exact opposite. They increased taxes, hurting businesses and forcing them to cut jobs, and then spent like drunken pirates, crowding out the private sector, costing even more jobs. And yet they still have the temerity to stand by their earlier ‘predictions’, proven to be no better than those done by a random number generator. 


Our current recession – the worst since WWII – was preventable. Yet our elected officials chose to exacerbate it. Econ 101… 

(Via Gateway Pundit)