I’m no longer even mildly surprised at these types of stories, about the lies and deceit underpinning Administration’s fiscal malpractice laughable called a ‘stimulus’.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports today that:

Last July, Vice President Joe Biden stood in front of a hulking, five-story abandoned factory in Northside with good news: The federal government had approved $1.6 million in stimulus money to help transform the American Can Building into new stores and apartments. The project would create 100 construction jobs – proof, Biden said, that the stimulus was putting people to work.

The Stimulus is working! We have Proof!

I think we can all see where this is going. The Enquirer continues:

Seven months later, the project remains stalled, and has yet to make good on that promise.

Not a single job created. Nice one. Well, it is kinda proof I suppose, of what we’ve been saying all along!

(H/T Stomping Grounds)