The “stimulus” package has contributed to the growth of the federal payroll, which has grown by 25,000 since December of 2008, USA TODAY reports.  The increased taxpayer burden is $106.75 billion.

25,000 government jobs have been created since December of 2008.  Assuming that these government workers are GS8 (mid-level) employees, they are paid $4.27 million over their career (Click here for methodology).  This equals an increased taxpayer burden of $106,750,000,000.00.  The math is as follows:

25,000 federal workers X $4.27 million = $106,750,000,000.00

“Recessions are temporary.  Hiring a government worker is permanent.  We will be paying for the ‘stimulus’ package for the next fifty years,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.  “The government always favors permanent expenditures to solve temporary problems.” 

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