In case you were wondering what the "stimulus" package is really stimulating, the latest round of CDC grants gave us another indication – it’s not jobs, it’s the Nanny Staters’ agenda. From our piece on

One of government’s more recent and lesser known social engineering tools is a grant program under the trillion dollar spending and debt package passed by Congress and the president under the guise of “economic stimulus” in 2009.
So far, two rounds of related grants have been announced – a first round of $120 million went to states and territories in early February, and a second round of $372 million has just been awarded to 44 local communities last week. So what are you getting out of it?
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) administer a program called “Communities Putting Prevention To Work" (CPPW). The program gives out “stimulus” grants to states and local communities which have outlined how they plan to engage in a handful of “evidence-based” prevention strategies dubbed MAPPS, short for “Media, Access, Point of purchase/promotion, Price, and Social support and services.” In all honesty, however, “MAPPS” might as well mean “Make the American People Pay for our Schemes.”
Indeed, these evidence-based strategies will have you pay for social engineering programs, through tax increases and additional regulations, and it’s all laid out in the CDC’s supporting documentation for the program.
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