With tomorrow’s Illinois primary right around the corner, Americans for Tax Reform would like to highlight candidates who have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  These candidates have signed the Pledge stating that they will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.  ATR strongly encourages voters to consider those who have made this promise to their constituents.

The following list highlights the state Pledge signers:

Incumbents Incumbents Cont’d Challengers
Maggie Crotty (S-19)(D)  Richard Myers (H-94)(R) Adam Andrzejewski (Gov)(R)
Chris Lauzen (S-25)(R)  Brandon Phelps (H-118)(D) Bill Brady (Gov)(R)
Dave Syverson (S-34)(R)  Robert W. Pritchard (H-70)(R) Lex Green (Gov)(L)
Patricia Bellock (H-47)(R)  Jim Sacia (H-89)(R) Andy McKenna (Gov)(R)
Mike Bost (H-115)(R)  Timothy L. Schmitz (H-49)(R) Dan Proft (Gov)(R)
John Bradley (H-117)(D)  Darlene Senger (H-96)(R) Bob Schillerstrom (Gov)(R)
John CavaLetto (H-107)(R)  Ron Stephens (H-102)(R) Matt Murphy (Lt. Gov)(R)
Michael Connelly (H-48)(R)  Ed Sullivan (H-51)(R)  Nick Been (H-79)(R)
Lisa Dugan (H-79)(D)  Patrick Verschoore (H-72)(D)

 Richard L. Grabowski (H-36)(R)

Jack Franks (H-63)(D)  David Winters (H-68)(R)  Dwight Kay (H-112)(R)

Careen M. Gordon (H-75)(D)

   Scott Pollak (H-61)(D)
 Linda Chapa LaVia (H-83)(D)    Rafael Rivadeneira (H-41)(R)
 Michael P. McAuliffe (H-20)(R)    Scott Tucker (H-11)(R)